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About me
About me

My name is Cynthia Mathieu; I am a psychologist and professor of organizational behavior. For the past 10 years, I have researched individuals with dark personalities in different types of workplaces. I consult with organizations and teach on dark personalities in the workplace, employee selection and well-being, organizational fraud, and leadership. I was invited to speak for different organizations such as Cogeco media, the Bank of Canada, the Conference Board of Canada, the Retail Council of Canada, the Canadian Federal Government, and Facebook.

Why create a blog?

This blog will allow me to share my passion for helping organizations create a positive workplace and my desire to increase awareness of dark individuals and how we can prevent them from entering and harming organizations and their employees.

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What you will find on this blog

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On this blog, I will post practical advice and insights on employee well-being, creating a healthy and safe workplace, selecting the best candidates, and promoting the right leaders.

I hope that my blog will help individuals and organizations realize the importance of putting employees’ well-being first and creating safe and positive workplaces.

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