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Irritability in the workplace

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The situation we are all going through increases the amount of stress we need to manage every day; our mind is constantly adjusting to new rules and reality. Our energy levels are not the same as they were before the pandemic. Keep in mind that irritability is a symptom of psychological distress. By taking care of yourself physically and mentally, you will be in a better position to manage this symptom.

Dark personalities in the workplace

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What is personality? Before we can understand dark personalities, we need to first understand the concept of personality. We each have traits that define who we are and influence our actions, we call the combination of these traits our personality. Personality is partly heritable… Continue Reading “Dark personalities in the workplace”

My new blog

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Why create a blog? This blog will allow me to share my passion for helping organizations create a positive workplace and my desire to increase awareness of dark individuals and how we can prevent them from entering and harming organizations and their employees. What… Continue Reading “My new blog”