Irritability in the workplace

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, employees and managers have been under an increased amount of stress. Adaptation to new work arrangements, increased workload, and health rules have taken a toll on mental health in the workplace.
While many have focused on feeling tired, increased sadness, and increased anxiety, another symptom has started to appear within households and in the workplace: Irritability. This symptom often occurs when we are tired and overwhelmed, and it can have a devastating impact on the work climate and workplace well-being.
Here is a link to an article I wrote on how to deal with irritability in the workplace:

“The situation we are all going through increases the amount of stress we need to manage every day; our mind is constantly adjusting to new rules and reality. Our energy levels are not the same as they were before the pandemic. Keep in mind that irritability is a symptom of psychological distress. By taking care of yourself physically and mentally, you will be in a better position to manage this symptom.”

excerpt from the article

Take care and be kind to yourselves and the people around you. Remember that we are all trying to adapt to these new and everchanging times


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